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Suppliers of Frozen Fish and Shellfish in Mallorca

We have a large warehouse (more than 1,000m2) and a sizeable fleet of lorries and vans, so we can deliver anywhere on the island.
We work with leading frozen product brands.

Frozen Seafood Products

Pescados Alcudia brings you the finest frozen seafood from around the world. We are suppliers of frozen fish and shellfish in Mallorca.

  • Baby squid

  • Argentine red king prawns

  • Moroccan squid

  • Peeled Argentine red king prawn tails

  • Moroccan cuttlefish

  • Squid

  • Monkfish

Top Seafood Producers

At Pescados Alcudia we only work with the most acclaimed producers in the sector to offer the highest quality fish and seafood. Our catalogue lists the wide range of frozen seafood products we offer, which is served in the best restaurants in Spain.

Bacalao Goliat

Icelandic Seafoods presents top-quality cod from Iceland. This fish, which is very popular in Spanish cuisine, is used for premium dishes in the finest restaurants.

Galician Octopus

As distributors of Gallego Pereira, we guarantee the best Galician octopus for restaurants. With more than 30 years of experience and an exhaustive quality control process, Pescados Alcudia brings the authentic taste of Galicia to Mallorca.

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